How to Book Super Swims

If you are currently booked into J6 Swim kids lessons you can book Super Swims via the Home Portal.  If you booked Super Swim's last year you can also access the Home Portal using your log in details from last year. 

Please email us at if you have any issues with accessing the Home Portal. 

If you are new to J6 Swim Swimming classes please follow the below instructions to book:

  1.  Firstly, please review our swim levels on our website to ensure that you book your child into the correct swimming level
  2. Go to our Home Portal Online Booking System
  3. Click Book Classes button        
  4. Choose J6 Swim and Swimming Lessons from the drop-down boxes and click Show Centres
  5. On the left-hand side, in the filter box, under the heading TYPE OF COURSE tick Holiday and Short Courses
  6. **** Important Steps - To see all available classes at your desired level ******
    Click the filter button for your group e.g. Beginners 1-3 or Improver 1-3  OR
    Click the filter button for your exact level e.g. Beginner 2
  7. Scroll through available classes and weeks for your required level on right-hand side  
    ***without filtering per above not all available classes may be displayed****
  8. Click Book this Course for your desired week with the correct level and proceed to Checkout *** Only book one class per transaction***
  9. Register as new customer.
  10. Enter details of the child who is attending the class.
  11. Enter your contact details *please note the phone number should be in the format of 00353….
  12. Enter your account details, marketing details, tick Terms & Conditions. Click Continue
  13. Assign your child to the class you are booking
  14. Select Super Swims for payment
  15. Confirm the level and child you are booking into the Super Swim week
  16. Enter your billing and payment details
  17. Once completed your Super Swim info is detailed within your HomePortal account
  18. If you have a second child you wish to book in to our Super Swim, repeat the process separately for them to avoid a system error
 Please contact us on or 086 130 0193 with any queries. 

Places are booked on a first come first served basis.